Hikkaduwa Perahera

We just want to share a few images with you from the amazing Perahera procession which went through Hikkaduwa during Wesak-one of the biggest days of the year in the Buddhist calendar. 

Wesak celebrates three major events in the life of the Buddha

  • His birth
  • his life
  • his passing away

It's a wonderful time for community here- people visit friends and relatives and prepare special food.  Beautiful lanterns are made and hung outside houses and businesses, and candles light walkways and streets.

We watched the procession from opposite Chaaya Tranz hotel where we had a great view of the dancers and were close enough almost to touch the elephants as they went past!

It was really touching watching this monk with the elephant-he seemed to be whispering to it and had a look of complete calm on his face.

For more information on accomodation in Hikkaduwa (maybe you can join us for the next Poya day!) you can contact us Thanks!