Cooking up a storm at Mangrovia

Mangrovia Lagoon Restaurant is a beautiful place to escape to- excellent food and a stunning setting to relax in, right next to the quiet lagoon.  With a menu that changes daily, including hand-made pasta and only the best fresh local and authentic Italian produce, it's a well-loved spot!

We are lucky enough to be one of the very few accommodation providers they have offered their Sri Lankan cookery classes to-for our guests.  Madhu, the lovely Owner and chef wants to keep the classes small and personal. 

Our Guests Mike and Jennifer went down on a fantastic sunny morning to give the class a go and got involved in the preparation of some delicious local dishes including:

-Pumpkin Curry

-Prawn Curry (fresh from the lagoon)

-Pol Sambol: a tasty side-dish created with finely ground Coconut (Pol), Maldive fish (dried) chilli, lime, shallots end more..

-Red rice cooked the traditional way.

Madhu adapts the menu according to what our guests want and Mike and Jennifer were interested in using some Sri Lankan vegetables as well as ingredients they can source at home in Russia. 

Sri Lankan cookery considers many things such as combinations of flavours- for example, there are certain tastes that balance each other out so you would match a few dishes in one meal (Amila eats pol sambol with spicy coral fish curry, but wouldn't add Daal as a dish as the flavours would change too much) and textures which compliment each other (ie: the traditional morning meal of string hoppers with kiri malu (Milk fish) Delicious!) .  There are also ingredients believed to have Ayurvedic properties with health benefits which Madhu happily discusses.  

Mangrovia provides the perfect setting for a morning of Sri Lankan Cookery- with Madhu who is passionate about food and a lush tropical setting where you can watch the cormorants resting on branches above the lagoon as you cook.  The best thing has got to be eating the final result though!! The restaurant is a shady spot where you can really take the time to savour the dishes.  The favourites seemed to be Pol sambol and the prawn curry!

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