Nature tour part 3: Peanut farm, fishing and surfing

So..last time we were at the East Coast, we camped in a field opposite the turn-off for Peanut farm, as the monsoon season had filled the normally dried-out lake by the entrance, cutting off access.  This time we were optimistic that we would be able to take our van through. As soon as we left the road we knew there was NO chance we could get through as the outskirts were mud and we would have had some apologizing to do to Dushantha (our driver) if we asked him to go ahead (and potentially a lot of hard work getting the van out!!).  So we unloaded by the side of the road and walked the winding jungle road to our destination.

The plus-point of the road being under water is that we were the only ones (beside our friends who live there) who were there-we had the place to ourselves, and it is an awesome wild beach to be on!

We love sleeping under the stars and listening to the waves so always opt to sleep on the Kabanna balconies here-facing the sea.  They're hopefully being re-built soon, with the addition of solar energy to power lights and kitchen equipment-at the moment the guys only occasionally use their generator, navigating the area at night by torch and cooking on a traditional fire stove-this place is off the grid.  At the moment though we love it how it is though, in it's slightly ramshackle state!

As it's still the tail end of the off-season, the sea at this hidden surf spot was pretty flat, but it didn't stop us taking in boards and having some fun! During high season it gets a bit busier so it's a real novelty to have the sea to ourselves!

We ended this great trip with salty skin, sand in our bags and huge smiles on our faces.  It's always hard to leave this incredible place but we plan on returning whenever possible!